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The use of Aloe vera for humanity is not recent, dating back to ancient times and ancient cultures who used this plant to develop topical remedies relating to beauty. But aloe vera offers much more . Indeed, the cosmetic use of the gel is best known but … do you know that it is also very effective to  improove internal diseases  as cooking ingredient or to treat some diseases in animals?


External benefits

Its use on the skin is the most widespread: for burns, as moisturizing, as anti-aging ,  effective against eczema, soothing after sun … You know why? The secret lies in its rich composition, with vitamins A and C, which help skin regeneration , and amino acids and anthraquinones. This one have great properties with skin affections such as psoriasis. Furthermore, the saponins make a cleaning effect. It is also very effective against insect bites and irritations due to its calming , antibacterial, antifungal and analgesic effect . Aloe contains also  a substance called lignin , responsable for the penetration  in the three layers of the skin and therefore increases the effect.


Internal benefits

Eating Aloe vera is eating health . Not only for being a great vitamin supplement due to  its composition rich in vitamins and minerals but also  for containing a number of vital elements for our body such as germanium and acemannan.  According to the largest student of this element, Kazuiko Asai, germanium  “oxygene and alkaline the body, vital aspect as acidification and lack of oxygen in the tissues is the ground on which all pathologies manifest”. The acemannan is a mucopolysaccharide which helps boost the immune system and stimulates white blood cells. Furthermore, it is activating circulation, cell regenerator and helps to detox the body.

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Beneficios internos

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