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Since its foundation in 2012, Asocialoe has grown steadily, bringing together producers, processors and distributors in the sector.








Our partners


We produce, handle and market fresh aloe vera leaves and pots.

We produce and sell fresh leaves, leaves for industrial purposes, as well as plantlets and pots in different formats.

We provide our products to supply chains, intermediaries and processing companies.


+34 676 837 427

Alfaverde Productos Naturales

For more than 30 years, we have been growing organic aloe vera and extracting the gel from its leaves in our own laboratory, which is located in our plantation.

The high quality of our organic ingredients determines the positive effects that our products have on the skin or on the whole body. For this reason, we only use 100% aloe vera juice in our products, together with the freshest and purest plant-based ingredients. All the substances we use are kept in their most natural and original state possible, and we focus exclusively on what gives the best results: Santaverde’s high-quality, organic juices and cosmetic products.


+34 952 808 343

aloe aljarilla

Aloe Aljarilla is a company dedicated to the production and distribution of organic aloe vera.

Our crops are located in the east of Almería, an area which receives more than 3,000 hours of sunlight per year —a perfect location which favors the healthy development of the plants, and the place where the sun resides over the winter.

Thanks to the mild climate in Almería, we guarantee supply all year round.

Our crops include native plant species which provide shelter for insects and thus help maintain a natural balance, which in turn enables us to combat any potential pests or diseases in an environmentally friendly manner.

We sell to both processors and end consumers.

We offer fresh organic aloe vera leaves from adult plants and 20 to 30 cm organic aloe vera plantlets in the European and Spanish markets.


+34 687 991 872

logo aloe plus lanzarote

We are a company dedicated to producing and selling products which are based on aloe vera sourced from certified organic plantations located on the island of Lanzarote, with over 13 years of experience.

We produce and sell final products of the following categories: body, health, face, sun, men, kids, vinotherapy, argan, home, pets and organic.

In addition, we also offer aloe vera in bulk for industrial use.

Our production is sold to distributors, processing companies and end consumers.



+34 928 59 73 21

aloe vera las coronas

We are a company with over 14 years of experience in the sector, along with a renowned brand in Europe which is expanding globally.

We specialize in the production, processing and marketing of organic aloe vera, and we also manufacture for third parties under our three product ranges: cosmetics, food and spirits.

We cover all product phases, from the production to the distribution of the final item.


+34 655 212 765

Botanica Nutrients S.L.

We are a laboratory with more than 30 years of experience working towards the same goal: meeting the needs of our customers to the highest standards.

Our team of pharmacists specialize in the formulation of nutritional supplements and natural cosmetics in order to develop products which are based on scientific evidence while maximizing natural resources.

The aloe vera produced by Botanicapharma stands out for its high and homogeneous concentration of the active ingredient in each tablet, something we achieve by using dry aloe extract without aloin and dry rhubarb extract obtained through an extraction and standardization process.

We manufacture and distribute our products to our network of pharmacies. Equipped with extensive knowledge about medicinal plants and dermo-cosmetic active ingredients, the members of their teams are best suited to offer advice and recommendations on how to best use our products.



+34 955 266 263


We are a family business dedicated to the production of 100% organic, CAAE-certified aloe vera. We ensure to provide best-quality aloe vera in both summer and winter thanks to our greenhouses. Our plantation currently includes more than 40,000 aloe vera plants whose products are aimed at processing companies and end consumers.

+34 690 150 137


We are the largest aloe vera trader in Europe.

We specialize in marketing aloe vera and its related products, such as juice, plants or customized aloe vera-based preparations for food or pharma companies, large food or pharma retailers, and other retailers of any of the aforemetioned products.



+34  637 148 378

green frog

Established in 2014, Green Frog Aloe manages its own organic aloe vera plantation. Our products only contain organic aloe vera leaves sourced from our farms located in Almería.

We provide two product lines: face and body skincare products under the Vera Green® brand, and 100% organic aloe vera juice under the Green Frog® brand.

Depending on their category, our products may be intended for end consumers, retailers or processors.



+34 910 712 713


Ibizaloe is a company dedicated to producing and selling cosmetics of natural origin containing 100% organic aloe vera sourced from Ibiza.

We offer our customers the true properties of the aloe vera grown in Ibiza through our 100% natural products, which are free of parabens, PEGs, silicones and animal cruelty.

Our product range is divided into 6 categories: health, face, body, sun, men, bath (shower and oils).



+34 659 186 285

logo La Vendita

We are a company dedicated to conscious farming, specialized in the production of organic aloe vera.

We use natural ingredients in our products, we are respectful of the environment, and we use renewable sources of energy. Thanks to our own crops, we produce 100% natural, organic aloe vera juice.

Our production is aimed at both distributors and end customers.


+34 669 552 025

Luis Meleán

I am an independent organic grower exclusively focused on the production of aloe vera. I am based in Valencia, close to the port, airport, major roads and highways, which facilitates worldwide shipping.

My plants are over 5 years old with high-quality leaves and a minimum weight of 800 grams each. I manage my crops personally, which provides great flexibility to negotiate prices, shipping and payment terms. I am a certified professional aloe vera plantlet producer, enabling me to issue phytosanitary passports which are valid all over Europe.



+34 672 202 257

matilde gimenez cañadas

This company from Cordoba is dedicated to the production of organic aloe vera since 2014.

We produce and sell organic aloe vera leaves to processing companies and end consumers.

Our farm is well located in terms of communication, and we have in-house staff, machinery and transportation means (trailer and semi-trailer).

+34 607 560 055


Organic aloe vera grower and marketer. 

We are a company specialized in the production of organic aloe vera. In line with our commitment to biodiversity, we aim to turn our olive grove and aloe vera fields into a genuine source of healthy foods.

Our production is intended to be used by aloe vera processing companies.


+34 638 517 726


Founding company of Asocialoe with extensive experience. We can guarantee supply all year round thanks to the use of greenhouses in our production process.

We produce organic aloe vera leaves and we sell organic aloe vera juice.

We provide fresh leaves and juice wholesale and to end consumers.

We also produce vermicast, one of the most widely used products in organic farming.


+34 607 340 342

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