The origin of Asocialoe

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Asocialoe is the first and only national association who gather all together the aloe vera industry: producers, processors and commercialisers.

The origin of the production, processing and distribution  sector of aloe vera dates back to the 80s. Entrepreneurs who believed in this sector were developing their projects individually.

At the start of this completely new business venture , every step taken was a challenge for each of those involved . On one side they found the lack of information on the cultivation of the plant,  inexistence of specific agronomic data, ignorance about the profitability of such plantations, lack of climate studies for development  and essential data to  plan and develop a business project of this nature , and no projects to  direct the offer to a particular market under certain conditions.

During the decade of 2000-2010,  businessmen from other business sectors started to join this productive subsector and in some cases brought in useful experiences  for the nearcoming future.  Within the emerging sector of aloe vera , interconnections  are started , experiences are exchanged and information is spread about the properties of this plant and producers get to know more about the industry and the demand.

All this contributes, after taken contact between members of the sector to all business related activity , on the need to form an association. In this way,  they saw a chance to strengthen markets, plan a strategy and lead the offer towards  a market with much greater chance of success.

In May 2010 the National Association of the Aloe (Asocialoe) is born , which not only brings together the three main sectors of activity, but is also sheltered by some scientifics , involved in research on the properties of aloe vera and its health benefits.