Greeting from president

Presidente Asocialoe Pablo PeinadoI am  Pablo Peinado Anguita, president of Asocialoe since October 31, 2014. I stand before all businessman of aloe vera to reaffirm the commitment of the Board to work with dedication and effort in achieving the main objectives of ASOCIALOE . These are no  others than promote the benefits and virtues of aloe vera and create a diverse, strong and balanced business sector, with the help of the university and professionals in research .  This makes  Spanish aloe vera the best in the world.

Due to this  we get to be the largest supplier in Europe of aloe vera and will try to get into other important markets such as Russia, Japan or America.

It will be hard work, sometimes demoralizing, but that´s the reason we ask union to stay on course and not to loose our final goal. We must not fall into the temptation of trying unattainable achievements too early and realize that individual triumphs also will become global triumphs . For that every manager has to perservere in his goals and take care of the present and future that awaits us.

We want to make ASOCIALOE a strong and democratic association. Therefore are well received proposals, suggestions, constructive criticism and all those opinions that make us become better in our work and allow achieving numerous successes.

We are an emerging sector that is still built, molded and prepares itself for great challenges. Therefore, our work must be unbeatable for at the time of graduation, our final grade will be of honors. If so, as in the future daily life, big business and big markets will choose us ahead of any other options.