Spanish Aloe vera

Spain has been producing aloe vera for several decades now, the movement began in the Canary Islands and in recent years has been proliferating, especially in Andalusia and Levante area. These areas have good conditions for the growth of the plant wich makes that Spanish aloe vera is from the best quality . Carlos Camacho, a member of the Board of Asocialoe says it is “the best aloe of the world and it is not only me who says it  ,  the analyzes tells so”.

Outstanding position in Spain

aloe vera español
  • Spain enjoys an ideal climate for growing Aloe vera.

  • Nowadays it is the European country with more land used in cultivation of Aloe vera.

  • We have enough arable land to supply the European market.

  • A business movement is generated , and is expanding rather quickly , that allows growing  in the cultivation of the plant.

  • Spain was the first European country whose entrepreneurs have been organized into an association : Asocialoe.

  • Many countries in Europe who consume can not supply themselves because they lack a good environment for the cultivation of Aloe vera.


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What is the secret of spanish Aloe vera?

  • Organic production.

  • High performance of the leeves.

  • Harvest after three years, when the leaf has all his properties.

  • Leaf processing as close as possible to shorten transport times and guarantee the freshness of the leafs.


Europe consumes approximately 20% of the world production of Aloe vera but does not produce enough to stock. Spain is among the few European countries propitious to cultivate this plant and has enough extension to exploit.



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